Illustrator and designer with a particular passion to improve communication and understanding of wellbeing through illustration. I work in collaboration with a variety health related professionals to create communicative visuals for ‘graphic medicine’ books, research reports, websites and apps to help people understand health topics in an engaging and accessible way. 


I have also helped to build upon brand identities for health tech companies, working on health related apps and print based publications. 


NHS, Sonovion, Roche, BBC, Hachette Publishers, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Create Health, Ctrl Group, Arizona State University, Sheffield Hallam University, The Curious Company, Ginkgo Grow Magazine, Zuntold Publishers, Bookblock, Breathe Magazine, Popshot Magazine.

For commissions please contact me at

+44 (0) 7854114915

Represented by Lemonade Illustration agency

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