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Predominantly specialising in Health Illustration, I work in collaboration with individual health experts, health and design agencies, magazines and well-being publishers to create effective visual content; using illustration as an engaging communicative device to explain complex health subjects.

I work with a number of health and design agencies to develop both their In-house styles and extended client projects; using illustration in website design, research reports and app designs.

I've illustrated 8 'graphic medicine' novels in collaboration with health experts, to visually communicate topics such as Pain, Trauma, Autism, Anxiety, Forgiveness, Dementia, Touch and Gender. 


Anxiety Is Really Strange and Pain Is Really Strange are part of the The Reading Well Scheme in the UK which allows anyone to loan the book in every library in England and to be recommended by health experts.


NHS, Sonovion, Roche, BBC, Science Focus Magazine, Bulletin Magazine, Hachette Publishers, Philips Healthcare, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Sussex University, Phillips, Orange Cyberdefence, Create Health, Ctrl Group, Salt Thinking, Arizona State University, Sheffield Hallam University, The Curious Company, Ginkgo Grow Magazine, Science for The People Magazine, Zuntold Publishers, Bookblock, Breathe Magazine, Popshot Magazine.


‘Camouflage - The Hidden Lives of Autistic Women’ was shortlisted in the Graphic Novels category for the British Book Design and Production Awards.

'Anxiety Is Really Strange' was Highly Commended in Popular Medicine in the 2018 BMA Medical Book Awards.

Represented Worldwide by Artistique International

Represented in The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium by Art Associates


For commissions please contact me at

+44 (0) 7854114915

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